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    Instagram has been a playground for the creatively inclined for some time now. We all know the mega stars and the following they have. There are those who might not have the enormous

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    Artworks we dig at the Indian Ceramics Triennale

    It is imperative for ceramic art practices to be represented in the mainstream. To come out of the shadows of other art forms and show its diversity. We commend the initiative by the organisers, curators, artists and the sponsors.

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    Siddharth Kerkar: Scapes

    Scapes: an artistic representation of landscapes and terrains, painted using a minimal palette with various media a solo show by Siddharth Kerkar at the Museum of Goa.

Artist in Focus Painting

Thyada Painting
Thayada Shamsudheen


Thayada Shamsudheen's (b. 1986) paintings are driven by ruminations on themes like ancient history, folklore and science. Coming from this place of thought, his paintings form themselves with firm strokes and intuitive colours. They evoke a sense of forgotten and hidden perspectives. The Bangalore-based artist works primarily with oils.