Assesorized Self

Assesorized Self by Nilanjana Nandy

₹ 40,000
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Assesorized Self
Original Painting

Rather than burning the bra, Nilanjana Nandy’s brand of feminism is gentle and humorous. In this series she uses everyday tools, like the spanner known as a monkey wrench, to put across her point about the plasticity of gender. By feminizing these highly masculine tools, with large pink lips, tiger tail accessories, diaphanous stoles and wings, she teases them out of their masculine mode.

Medium: Mix Media on canvas.

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 8 X 11 Inches (Each)

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Nilanjana Nandy

Curator's Note: "Nilanjana Nandy is a sensitive artist whose work slips under the surface and peels open what lies beneat...Read More