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Figures with Their Moods - 1

Figures with Their Moods - 1 by Pramod Jaiswal

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Figures with Their Moods - 1
Original Painting 

This colourful and lively work has a celebratory air to it, where hybrid creatures appear to engage in an evening of fun at a bar. Couples and friends chat, drink and dance with companionability. However, under this veneer of gaiety lurks a hidden narrative. One where the figures alone appear disgruntled or lost, contrasting the ‘shiny happy people’. The city looms behind vast and anonymous, adding a layer to the narrative.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Year: 2015

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 22 X 53 Inches

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Pramod Jaiswal

Curators's Note
 " Pramod Jaiswal is one of the young artists that we at Art Explore have talent spotted among the ...Read More