Handmade Memories

Handmade Memories by Birendra Pani

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Handmade Memories
Original Painting

Pani often portrays urbanism and nature at odds with each other, engaged in a tussle. Mythology enters his work, more often than not. In this painting he captures Garuda seated on a tiger skin. The bird-like creature, or humanoid bird, appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology, across South Asia. He is the vehicle of Vishnu and is known to be the enemy of all serpents. In this painting he is a demigod who is in charge of bringing nectar to the earth.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Year: 2015

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 24 X 30 Inches

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Curator's Note

" Birendra Pani is an accomplished artist whose works span the gamut of several medium...Read More