Journey To A Strange Land 7

Journey To A Strange Land 7 by Ritu Kamath

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Journey To A Strange Land 7
Original Painting

Ritu Kamath’s series, titled Journey in a Strange Land, talks of the flight into an unknown world.
It is based on the desire to break away from shackles of the ordinary world. It visualizes freedom through various thoughts it encounters in its daily life. It is a foreplay and assemblage of triggers, tasks, thoughts, dreams, symbols and interpretations that constantly run through and titillate the mind.

Medium: Mixed Media on Archival Paper.

Year: 2016

Shipped: Framed.

  • 10 X 10 Inches

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Ritu Kamath
Curator's Note: "Ritu's work was chosen because of her strong sense of aesthetics, combin...Read More