Finding Bliss 2

Finding Bliss 2 by Sudhir Bhagat

₹ 252,000

Finding Bliss 2
Original Painting

Much like the myth of Narcissus, the woman in this artwork sits beside a lake accompanied by a duck and a lotus bud. But unlike Narcissus, the woman here is intent on introspection more than her physical appearance. The duck which is a symbol of freedom and adaptability also doubles up as the bridge between the heaven and the earth. The lotus too reinforces this symbolism for it stands for symbolic detachment even though rooted in mud.

Medium: Oil on Canvas.

Year: 2017

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 36 X 48 inches

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Sudhir Bhagat

Born in 1964, New Delhi (India), Sudhir Bhagat graduated with BFA at Delhi College of Art in 1985. 25 years of experience as a designer and creativ...Read More