Series 1

Series 1 by Apeksha Gupta

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Series 1
Original Painting (Set Of 4)

I am Free Falling: Apeksha embarked on a project of making one autobiographical water colour painting a day to overcome her fear of water colours.This work celebrates free-will, letting loose and letting go. In this state of positivity and freedom, the protagonist can even land on the moon. The work possesses a magical quality. Wish to Be a

Dolphin: A playful work this painting tells us that we can chose to be whatever we want, with the help of a little imagination. Here Apeksha fulfills her dream to be a Dolphin and swim free and wild.

Make Art Not War: This artwork has a clear message, one that privileges creativity over destruction.

Medium: Water Colours.

Year: 2015

Shipped: Framed.

  • 11 x 11 Inches (Each)

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Apeksha Gupta

Curator's Note

"Apeksha Gupta, is a young artist/designer whose artwork spans the gamut of design and art. Her work po...Read More