Series 2

Series 2 by Apeksha Gupta

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Series 2 Original Painting (Set of 3)

Monster: Apeksha embarked on a project of making one autobiographical watercolour painting a day to overcome her fear of watercolours. She posted it on social media sites and it got her noticed. In this image she talks of her inner fears, of being consumed by them and then overcoming the situation. Delightful yet provocative.

You Are Not Stuck: In this work, the bird appears to be drawn into the vortex of the sun. Flying too close to the sun had disastrous results for Icarus, but Apeksha looks at the situation from a positive angle by stating that a situation is what you make of it.

If You Fly: This is a work is all about hope, flight and freedom. The beautifully rendered blue wing is emblematic of the artist’s aspirations.

Medium: Water Colours.

Year: 2015

Shipped: Framed

  • 11 X 11 Inches (Each)

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Apeksha Gupta

Curator's Note

"Apeksha Gupta, is a young artist/designer whose artwork spans the gamut of design and art. Her work po...Read More