Untitled X05

Untitled X05 by Sheikh Hifzul

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Untitled X05
Original Painting

A tribute to Bhrama Vishnu and Mahesh this triptych attempts to include a contemporary narrative into the work. The trio are the creators and destroyers of the world Brahma – The Creator, Vishnu – The Preserver and Shiva – The Destroyer.However, Hifzul does a playful take by placing a self- portrait and images of his friends instead of that of the three divinities.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Shipped: Packed.

  • 54 X 18 Inches

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Sheikh Hifzul

Curator’s note

"Hifzul Sheikh Kabeer is an artist born in Jharkhandand is based in Delhi.Imbib...Read More