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Untitled X06 by Sheikh Hifzul

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Untitled X06
Original Painting

Mixing mythology and history, Hifzul creates a character the rolls both of these aspects into one. Telescoping time, the protagonist has many arms, in the manner of most Indian deities, he offers protection and peace. Yet he wears the uniform of a French General, Napoleon. The face of the general is however self-portrait. This hints towards the waves Colonial travelers who visited India, from the French, to the Portuguese and the British. The rooster and Cheeta, echo the theme as well.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year: 2016

Shipped: Packed.

  • 48 X 72 Inches

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Sheikh Hifzul

Curator’s note

"Hifzul Sheikh Kabeer is an artist born in Jharkhandand is based in Delhi.Imbib...Read More