The Boat Man

The Boat Man by Ajay B Sharma

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Yatra Series
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Photographer and artist Ajay B Sharma created this series as a reaction to the ephemeral and simultaneous quality of life. The photographic image which is a multiple exposure, foregrounds a multi-limbed effigy of a goddess. Over time the effigy has aged and decayed and given into the ravages of time. The underlying message is that everything earthly will decay with time.

Medium: Pinhole 35 mm film camera and Digital Print.

Year: 2013- 2016

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 16 X 48 Inches

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Ajay B Sharma

Curator's Note

"He create's a dark Space which is called ” Syah-Ghar-?????-?? , Sanskrit and Hindi name for Dark...Read More